Act 46

Act 46 and its requirements present unique challenges for Lakeview and the OSSU.  The OSSU Act 46 Exploratory Committee made headway in identifying common goals between the schools in the OSSU, and currently each district, including Lakeview, is preparing a report for inclusion in the OSSU’s proposal to the Agency of Education for consideration as an alternate structure.

Signed into law during the 2015 legislative session, Act 46 seeks to create a larger school district with fewer school boards for the purpose of:

  • promoting equity in the quality and variety of educational opportunity across the state;
  • ​leading students to meet or exceed the Vermont Quality Education Standards;
  • helping schools share costs and maximize operational efficiency;
  • promoting transparency and accountability;
  • at a cost that parents, taxpayers, and stakeholders value.

To achieve the stated goals, the legislature created a multi-year process that includes three phases of incentives for school districts that voluntarily merge into new governance models.

Since union school districts are comprised of member town school districts, the town school districts are the ones responsible for addressing the requirements of the law. Members of the Lakeview Union School Board are working closely with the members of the Greensboro Town School Board and the Stannard Town School Board. 

The Greensboro members of our school board have prepared a helpful FAQ document. 

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