Positive Behavior Interventions & Support



LVW Mascot

OSSU & Lakeview Union School emphasize Social and Personal Responsibility.

PBIS is a district-wide and school-wide initiative that ensures all students see success; a research-based system where expected behaviors are taught to students, much like the Responsive Classroom model. Data collection for decision-making is emphasized in PBIS. To record behaviors the staff uses minor behavior reports ("tan sheets") and planning forms ( "white sheets" for major behaviors).

Students are learning to be: Safe, Respectful, and Ready to Learn at Lakeview Union School.

Laker points are given to students by staff (and sometimes other students) for displaying the three school rules in their daily school life. Simply put, a Laker Point is a reward - reinforcement for positive actions, words, or both that is noticed and acknowledged.

These points are bright green, square paper “tickets” with a clip art picture of a lake trout, the school mascot on it. Earned points are collected in a classroom fishbowl in all classrooms and accumulated. Five Laker points can be traded in at the school office for one letter in the acrostic poem written on the giant painting of a Lake Trout in the hallway.

Once all the scales/letters in the acrostic are earned, we have a school-wide celebration to toast our success. Some examples of celebrations we have had over the last four years – a board game afternoon, pajama day, an ice cream social, a craft project, winter recess games, students vs. staff soccer game, popcorn and a movie, twin day, just to name a few.

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An example of the first acrostic we complete annually is below.

Lakeview Students are:

Lifelong Learning


Kind to others

Eager to Learn

Very Respectful