Food service programs

Lakeview USUALLY offers a daily fruit or vegetable snack free to all students, courtesy of the Agency of Education & Agency of Agriculture's Fresh Fruit and Veggie Grant.  Due to COVID-19, all meals are free to all OSSU students, but there is no specific Fresh Fruit funded snack at this time. 

All school meals are compliant with the Federal Meal requirements.

USDA and Lakeview Union School are equal opportunity providers and employers.  Local foods are used whenever possible. Menus are subject to change upon availability. USDA & Lakeview are Equal Opportunity Employers.

All OSSU schools currently provide Universal Free Student Meals in keeping with federal guidance under COVID 19.  Adult lunches cost $5.00, breakfast $3.00.

Image of August lunch Menu
First page of the PDF file: septlunchmenu21revisedpdf

Meal delivery is available for ALL OSSU pre-k 18 years old children,  through the emergency meal system set up by OSSU meals programs.  Please complete the Google form on the Home page.