Place-Based Learning

Through place-based learning we explore the interconnectedness of the land, the people, and the natural flora and fauna of the region. At Lakeview Elementary school, we may focus on specific content areas at different points in time or through an interconnected thematic unit. Examples of place-based learning could include a study of the history of Greensboro, a visit to Breitmeyer Blueberry Farm, a trip to the Greensboro Historical Society to learn about Highland Cattle or a visit from a beekeeper to learn about honey. The overall goal in place-based learning is for students to feel a sense of connection to the people and land they are surrounded by. This in turn leads to informed and engaged citizens who will work together to create a rich and vibrant community.  

Place-Based Learning and Outdoor Education Opportunities Offered at Lakeview 


Students in grades 1-4 travel to Breitmeyer's Blueberry Farm


Blue berry 2


Students in grades K-6 take advantage of exhibits at the Greensboro Historical Society.  See here a Scottish Highland cattle gets some brushing during her school visit:

Students in grades K-6 spend time cultivating and cooking with veggies grown in our school garden!

Students in grades K-6 participate weekly in winter months in a nordic ski program at Craftsbury Outdoor Center. We also have our own snowshoes that we use throughout the winter!