Lakeview Elementary School is a part of the newly formed Orleans Southwest Union Elementary School District.  The school is one campus of three under OSUESD, and one of six schools supported by the Orleans Southwest Supervisory Union.  Lakeview Union School educates the children from the towns of Greensboro and Stannard in kindergarten through sixth grade The building contains classrooms, a multi-purpose room, library, offices, computer lab, a conference room and the kitchen.  The original structure was built in 1957.  In 1984, when Stannard and Greensboro formed Lakeview Union School, the library, office, bathrooms and multi-purpose room were added.  

We have a small student at present and nice class sizes averaging 12 -14 pupils.  Students benefit from PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions, Reinforcement & Supports)

 Lakeview Routes


Stannard Bus  #16 leaves terminal at 6:40 on Rte 15 E Hardwick. Travels to Greensboro Bend via Rte 16, turns right onto East Main Street then right onto Stannard Mtn. Rd. Takes a right onto Hutchins Farm Rd. Then left onto Lazy Mill Rd. Then takes 7:00am another right onto Silver Red, turning around at end of road. Then takes a right onto Lazy Mill Rd, left onto Stannard Mtn. Rd. Heading right onto Norway Rd. Turn left at intersection of Norway and Tousaint at 7:10am. Follow Tousaint down the hill. Takes a right onto Main Street in Greensboro Rd. Then left onto Route 16 followed by a left onto East Main Street the left onto Main Street. Left onto Bend Rd @ 7:20am left onto East Craftsbury Rd. Then right continuing to Lakeview at 7:30am. 

Bus # 7 Two Vans –Van11 Leaves House at 7:00am travels up Route 16 Turning around at Bowley’s at 7:10am. Travels back towards the Bend, Turning right onto Bed Rd. At 7:22am then up Bend Rd and left onto East Craftsbury Rd. Taking a right onto East Craftsbury Rd and arriving at Lakeview at 7:30.

Van 30 Leaves at 7:05am travels up route 16 takes left onto Taylor Rd and left onto Gavin Hill Rd at 7:15am Then Right onto East Craftsbury Rd then arriving at Lakeview at 7:30am

Bus # 10- Ron leaves his house at 6:40am past Kinsey’s to Urie Farm. Onto Karp’s then left on East Craftsbury Rd. turning right onto Circus Rd. to Patten’s. Continuing around lake to Willey’s. Then right past Town Garage then back to Lakeview.

Bus # 10 - Will meet the Stannard students at the Greensboro Town Hall in the morning. Going down Black River rd. before stopping at Craftsbury Elementary then up to the Academy.