Principal's Page

Principal: Eric Erwin, Phd.

Principal: Eric Erwin, Phd.


I grew up in rural Vermont and have raised two sons in this wonderful place. I have come to believe that our small Vermont communities and schools offer unique and wonderful places for children to grow up and develop into productive and healthy citizens. I bring this appreciation to my work as a school leader. I come from a family of educators and cannot imagine a more rewarding career.

Prior to my appointment as principal of Lakeview Union School, I have served in positions of education and leadership for over 20 years. These include experiences in the state of Vermont, as well as other places around the country. I have been an assistant principal in Newport, Vermont; coordinator of early education services for Orleans and Essex counties; an instructor for the Community College of Vermont; a professor at the University of New Mexico; and a preschool teacher in Indiana and in Maine.

The mission of Lakeview Union School.

Our school exists to serve students and their community, and our ultimate mission is to educate our youth to become joyful, committed, productive, and well-informed democratic citizens. The location of Lakeview Union School and the surrounding communities provide a unique opportunity for us to emphasize place-based learning. We embrace this curriculum through hands-on and minds-on science activities, school-wide thematic units, and a student-centered approach to behavior and skill development. We continually strive to examine and improve our teaching and learning practices.