School Board Committees are useful when a specific issue or project requires more time than what can be accomplished during regular school board meetings. Committees can also leverage individual board member expertise in more depth. 

Committees have no power to commit the board or the school district to any decision or course of action unless formally given such authority by the board. The full board is responsible for decisions, but rely on the knowledge and diligence of committee members for sound recommendations. 

Currently, our board is represented on two standing (permanent) committees and one ad-hoc (short-term) committee within Orleans Southwest Supervisory Union. All committee meetings of the board are open to the public and minutes are kept as part of the official board record. 

Standing Committees
OSSU Executive Committee
​Current Representative: Victoria Von Hessert
The role of the OSSU Executive Committee is to act on behalf of the full Supervisory Union Board in between Carousel meetings when the full OSSU Board convenes, generally four times a year. It also helps each school board remain informed of SU-wide issues, promotes information sharing,  and encourages collaboration across school districts.
Negotiations Committee
​Current Representative: Charlie McAteer
The role of the Negotiations Committee is to oversee contract negotiations between the school board and all employee bargaining units -- professional staff and support staff. The Superintendent and Human Resources Director  assist in the coordination of this committee. A representative from each school board serves on this committee.

Ad-hoc Committees

Act 46 Exploratory Committee

​Current Representatives: John Miller and Victoria Von Hessert
The role of the Act 46 Exploratory Committee is to help each town school district within OSSU understand Act 46 and identify ways in which member districts may be able to collaborate moving forward. Lakeview is a union school district so it doesn't have direct representation on the Act 46 Exploratory Committee, represented by the Greensboro and Stannard members. With this said, members of the Lakeview Union School Board often attend the Act 46 meetings. Decisions related to Lakeview and Act 46 will be made by the Greensboro and Stannard Town School Boards.