About Us

Welcome!  Lakeview Elementary School is a part of the newly formed Orleans Southwest Union Elementary School District.  The school is one campus of three under OSUESD, and one of six schools supported by the Orleans Southwest Supervisory Union.

It is the first obligation of the OSUESD  Board to define the question:  “What specific knowledge do we want students to have learned by the time they leave our school?”  The school board developed the ‘Ends’ policies.  Each board in the Supervisory Union has adopted Policy Governance, where the Principal and staff manage and maintain the day-to-day operation of the school, with guidance from the Superintendent, who is ultimately accountable overall.


Lakeview educates the children from the towns of Greensboro and Stannard in kindergarten through sixth grade  The main building, contains classrooms, a multi-purpose room, library, offices, computer lab, a conference room and the kitchen.  The original structure was built in 1957.  In 1984, when Stannard and Greensboro formed Lakeview Union School, the library, office, bathrooms and multi-purpose room were added.   

Mission, Vision and Philosophy

Orleans Southwest Supervisory Union District-Wide Mission:

“Cultivating Learner agency through Reflective Practice"

Lakeview Union School Vision:

To achieve the mission, all staff will:

·      Unite to achieve a common purpose - all students will achieve proficiency in

      all areas of the curriculum

·      Work together collaboratively to meet the needs of individual students

·      Collaborate and communicate with parents about learning goals

·      Participate in needs-based professional development

·      Encourage students to be more self-directed in learning

·      Acknowledge and celebrate student strengths

·      Foster a variety of ways of learning and solving problems

·      Work with parents as partners to help students succeed academically.


Philosophy of Lakeview Elementary School

Education is an ongoing process from birth until death, with the home, school, community and peers contributing.

It is the primary role of the school to educate the intellect.  However, it is recognized that schools are social institutions and therefore play a role in helping the child to function in groups and to share responsibilities.

We believe that every student has a right to an education, and the personal responsibility to contribute to that process; that the school program should reflect the needs and aspirations of the students, the realities and opportunities of the immediate community, and the horizons of the broader world.  The environment should be orderly and purposeful; everyone works together on the task of learning.  The purpose of the Lakeview Union Elementary School is to provide educational opportunities, consistent with these aims, which lead the students to develop an awareness of themselves and their role in the family, community, nation and world

Most assessments are universal, given to all students.  For students who fall below the standard, further testing may be administered in order to identify problem areas or to evaluate student needs.