Student Learning Outcomes

Lakeview Union School’s mission is to ensure all students learn to learn.  The Lakeview learning experience is collaborative and cooperative.  Teachers and learners build relationships and find new ways of experiencing education.  Our teachers, staff, and students develop the skills and knowledge for individual educational growth.  Together, they work to solve problems, help others, and contribute to the Lakeview learning community, as well as to expand their learning.

Our graduates possess a strong foundational knowledge to prepare them for future learning and personal development.  They are tolerant, responsible, honorable, inclusive, and empathetic citizens in their communities, whether local or global.

Our teaching team equips Lakeview learners with a strong foundation in:

  • Clear and effective communication;
  • Self-direction;
  • Creative and Practical Problem Solving;
  • Responsible and Involved Citizenship
  • Informed Thinking

View the Complete Lakeview Union Student Learning Outcomes Document, adopted by the board May 2017.

Academic Achievement

At least 70% of students at Lakeview Union School meet or exceed state and local proficiency standards in the core subjects of math, science, and the language arts.  Graduates of Lakeview are also capable of clear and effective communication.

Students are critical thinkers and skilled at problem solving.  They ask questions, make predictions, analyze evidence, and create solutions.  They persist in solving problems and they rebound from failure to try again.

Study of the creative arts, history and social studies, non-native languages, I/T, and wellness significantly enhance the development of core skills that all students will need in future endeavors.  They carry equal weight in the Lakeview learning environment.

The success of Lakeview at achieving its mission to teach our children is not only measured by student achievement on standardized tests.  Our success hinges on a learning environment that provides sufficient opportunities for all students to succeed, that challenges them to take risks and experience learning as a positive journey - one that opens opportunities. 

Personal Responsibility (Academic, Social, And Personal)​

Students understand the value of their own healthy personal development and the importance of setting personal goals.  They make responsible independent choices and practice safe behaviors, demonstrate respect for self, as well as respect and empathy for fellow students, teachers, and community members.  They are resilient and capable of adapting and trying again when plans don’t work out as anticipated.

Community Responsibility​

 Lakeview and its students are contributing partners in the fabric of Greensboro and Stannard life.

Students understand their role in a community through solid connections forged by the school and its programs with Greensboro and Stannard.  They respect diversity and differing points of view while at the same time respecting themselves and embracing their place in a diverse world.