The creation and maintenance of policies is a central job of our school board.

In general, policies describe broad statements of intent and what should or should not happen. Implementation is the responsibility of the principal and/or superintendent.  

There are five main categories of policies. Our school board follows a schedule to review our policies at least every five years.

Types of Policies

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Student Learning Outcomes

Mandatory & Recommended Policies

Governance Policies

Executive Limitations

Board Superintendent Relationship

Policy Adoption Process

The first step in adopting a policy is to recognize a need, which is often driven by local circumstance and/or state or federal law. Draft policies are written and revised based on input from affected groups and/or individuals before being reviewed by legal counsel to ensure it complies with any applicable laws. To be formally adopted, policies must be voted on by the board during a regular board meeting, which must be advertised in advance and provide opportunity for public comment.

Policies Under Review