Board Minutes and Information

​Unless otherwise specified on the agenda, our school board meetings are the second Thursday of each month from 6:00 - 8:15 PM in the Lakeview Elementary School Library.

Board agendas are built at the end of each meeting for the next meeting. The agenda of every regular meeting is approved by the Chair. 

Agendas for upcoming school board meetings within the current year are posted below at least five days before the meeting. Paper copies are also posted at the following locations:

  • ​​Lakeview Union School
  • Greensboro Town Clerk
  • Stannard Town Clerk
  • Greensboro Bend Post Office
  • Greensboro Post Office
  • Wiley's Store

Members of the public are encouraged to attend board meetings.  There is also additional information on what to expect if you attend one of our meetings, including tips for speaking during public comment

Carousel meetings are meetings of the full OSSU Board, with participation from all member districts to conduct SU-wide busineses.