We understand that the school budget has a large impact on our community. Below is the first draft of the proposed FY19 Budget.

The major criteria we considered during the FY19 budget development process will be posted soon. 

The Annual Budget Process

Each year, the goal is to develop a budget that successfully represents the priorities and values of our community when it comes to student learning while meeting the needs of local taxpayers. This requires a lot of planning, analysis, and discussion along with input and feedback from the community.  

​The first step in the annual budget building process is for the board to discuss and set specific goals for the budget, such as district priorities or parameters within which the administration must remain.  This generally occurs in August through October of each year. We encourage community participation in this stage through public comment during regular board meetings.

​The central office administration and the school principal are responsible for the actual building of a budget that meets the expectations set by the board. Drafts are presented to the board during board meetings along with a rationale; community members are welcome to attend and speak at these meetings.  This cycle continues until the board feels the budget meets its expectations and votes to accept the budget. Generally, our board votes on its budget in late December or early January.

Scope Of Lakeview Union School District's Budget

Our board is responsible for the Lakeview Union Elementary School budget for Greensboro and Stannard students in grades K-6.