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October Events calendar 

PBIS award - Exemplar school for a second year in a row!) See the details below

·             PBIS meetings – Third Thursday unless specified

         PBIS Tier 2  team - Wednesday 2:30 PM- 3:15 PM

·             Core Team meetings- 2nd Tuesday of the month

·             Staff meetings – 2nd & fourth Wednesday, 3:15 – 4:15 PM, Sped - 4th Thursday

·             School Board Meetings – Third Thursday unless specified

·             Nurse on duty- WEDNESDAY

·             Union Bank Save for Success Banking - Thursdays



Your school, Lakeview Union School, has been selected to receive a VTPBIS Exemplar award for the 2016-2017 school year! (For the Second year in a row! )This recognition is the result of a significant commitment on the part of you and your staff to implement PBIS with fidelity over time. 


In order to achieve the “VTPBIS Exemplar School” status, your school has demonstrated:

  • Fidelity of PBIS implementation over two years based on the School-wide Evaluation Tool (SET), Benchmarks of Quality (BoQ), and/or the Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI);
  • Use of data in decision making and problem solving around behavior;
  • Completion of the annual Self-Assessment Survey (SAS); and
  • Evidence that sustained implementation has had a positive impact on academic and behavioral outcomes.


Your school will be recognized during the Annual VTPBIS Leadership Forum on October 10th.  Please consider attending this event in person to receive your reward which will be presented by AOE Secretary, Rebecca Holcombe.